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performance problems with writeDigitalPin function

Asked by Reitsam Laurenz on 23 Feb 2016
Latest activity Edited by Reitsam Laurenz on 23 Feb 2016
Hi, i want to use my raspberry pi to control a stepper motor with matlab. Therefore i wrote a loop to control the pins ( with function: writeDigitalPins(...) )
My problem is, that this function really slows my loop down (to slow to get the needed frequency). I tried the same code as a standalone version with Python, where the performance was much better. So i am pretty sure the reason must be the write-function of matlab.
Does anyone knows how i can improve the performance? Thanks in advance.
The time (for one iteration) with 'writeDigitalPin()' = 2.6 seconds The time without : 0.5 seconds
The loop:
seq = [1 0 0 1;
1 1 0 0;
0 1 1 0;
0 0 1 1];
for i =1:1:1
for i2 = 1:1:4


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