How to compile file.c with mex command ( Ubuntu 15 and Matlab R2015a ) ?

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Hi, I would like to compile a file.c in Matlab ( R2015a version ) in Ubuntu, at first when trying to compile told me I had to put a version compatible with Matlab ( the 4.7.x ) , and once set I try rerunning (mex file.c ) I get the following:
Building with ' gcc' . Error using mex .
( And many more mistakes with the path where the file.c is as the following):
error: expected identifier or ' ( ' before ' /' token error: ' \ 344' parasite in the program error: expected '=' , ',' , ',' , ' asm ' or ' _attribute_ ' before ' redistribute '
etc , etc , etc ....
I would like to know that this error is due , or if I need to save the file.c on another route or subfolder of Matlab or should do.
Thank you.

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