how to write f(x,y) (digital image) in matlab code ?

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i want to make a function for feature extraction, in the method there is a formula f(x,y) that express the value intensity in (x,y) coordinat pixel. How i write f(x,y) in matlab code? thank you
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Devi Timilsina
Devi Timilsina on 24 Jul 2017
Hi ElizabethR, I am also looking for the answer of your question. you might have finished your zernike moments project until now. I am doing Discrete orthogonal hahn's moments and I am stuck in very early stage. Please help me. you can email me at . Please help

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Explorer on 5 Mar 2016
Edited: Explorer on 5 Mar 2016
I don't know what formula you are talking about but the general method to make a function in MATLAB is as follows:
Let' say you want to make a function for finding voltage using Ohms Law
Open script file, write:
function [v]=ohm(i,r) % 'i' and 'r' will be inputs
save it as ohm.m
Now, you can call your function in command windows as follows:
i=2; r=4;
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ElizabethR on 5 Mar 2016
Edited: ElizabethR on 5 Mar 2016
Thanks for your explanation,
i want to make Zernike moments function to extraction feature of an image.
here the formula :
z_pq= (p+1)/π ∑_x ∑_x f(y,x) V_pq (y,x)
f(y,x) is the value intensity pixel in coordinate (y,x). So how to translate it to matlab code ?

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