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i try to convert image into polar coordinates

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here a code :
r=imresize(a,[64 64]);
m =
n =
c = ((m+1)/2,(n+1)/2); %make center of the image to be the origin
Error: Expression or statement is incorrect--possibly unbalanced (, {, or [.
[theta,rho] = cart2pol(x-c,y-c);
how to fix this ? thanks

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Sophia on 17 Mar 2016
change this c = ((m+1)/2,(n+1)/2)); and what is the error message after this

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Chad Greene
Chad Greene on 17 Mar 2016
Sophia is correct. The problem is on this line:
c = ((m+1)/2,(n+1)/2); %make center of the image to be the origin
Do you want c to be a two-element array? If yes, change the line to
c = [(m+1)/2,(n+1)/2]; %make center of the image to be the origin


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ElizabethR on 19 Mar 2016
i was make it but i get the error : Error using handle.handle/set Invalid or deleted object. how to fix it ?
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 19 Mar 2016
Please show your code attempt complete with the texture mapping step, and please post the complete error message.

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