Figure not updating with new colormap

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I have recently updated from 2012 edition to R2015a. The trouble I am having is that I am not managing to update the colormap. It seems that the colours are frozen?
Previously I would have expected this to work:
plot(Demand.Prd_Mth_U) %Data struct with multiple arrays
colormap(jet) % This could be above plot also
With the colormap applying to the current axes/figure. But it doesn't seem to change. I know that the colormap values are changing because when I call "colormap", it shows different values depending on whether I have set it to jet, hsv, cool, etc.
Even when I open the colormapeditor, via command line or Figure Edit menu, the desired colormap is there already (as opposed to showing the map that's in the figure). When I click apply, nothing.
Also, if I have the colorbar in the figure - that changes as expected....
This is an output:
Lastly, when I tried to change the color of an individual line, the color changes as expected, e.g.: set(po(1),'color',[0 1 0]) % where po is the handle...

Accepted Answer

Mike Garrity
Mike Garrity on 23 Mar 2016
You don't have anything in that figure that uses the colormap. The plot function uses the ColorOrder property on the axes. The colormap is used by things like surface and image.
Alexei M
Alexei M on 8 May 2020
Hi Mike,
I have a similar problem. I have a figure which I thought is a surface plot. It also has a color bar but when I change colormap only the bar changes while the main figure is unaffected. This is actually an output from a COMSOL model. How do I change the colormap of the main figure? And how can I determine what "type" of thing is inside the axes? You say that only certain things use colormaps, so how can I determine the exact nature of the thing that I'm looking at? I didn't make it. The figure was given to me by a collaborator, and I'm trying to edit it.

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