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Can the difference between impulse(sys) and plot(sys) be graphed?

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I need to compare the theoretical impulse response and the simulated impulse response. I created a time vector and plotted my theoretical answers. I want to compare the plotted against the simulated and find the error between them.

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MHN on 30 Mar 2016
Edited: MHN on 30 Mar 2016
Just feed a subtracter block with them (and abs block if you need the absolute value) and plot the difference. Just note that the simulation and theoretical one must be generated by a same time vector, otherwise comparing the differences are meaningless.
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HAMZA Butt on 30 Mar 2016
Are u referring to the following command:
Y = step(H,A,V) returns Y. The value of Y results from subtracting the elements of input vector V from the input array A along the specified dimension when the VectorSource property is Input port. The length of the input V must equal the length of the specified dimension of A.

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