Import excel, Compare Vectors, and output results including strings

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I'm trying to import two excel spreadsheets (attached) then compare the "Amount" column on Expenses.xlsx to Total_Fee, Fee1, and Fee2 on database.xlsx.
Finally, I would like to output all the values (including the corresponding strings) that are missing from columns Total_Fee, Fee1, and Fee2.
For example, the output would be
I'm having trouble reading the excel file with [num,txt,raw] = xlsread(_). I'm getting a lot of NaN values. I was thinking of using something like out = Amount(ismember(Amount,[Total_Fee;Fee1;Fee2]) == 0) to help me do the comparison and output but I'm now sure what syntax to use to tell it what columns to look it.
Thank you.
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Jeevan Joishi
Jeevan Joishi on 6 Apr 2016

Compare 'Amount' to 'Total_Fee,Fee1,Fee2'? Can you elaborate on what exactly do you mean by 'compare'

Is it

Amount = Total_Fee + Fee1 + Fee2

Or something else?

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