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how to ssh using putty to raspberry pi?

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Hamza Idris
Hamza Idris on 17 Jul 2016
Commented: Francis Tiong on 30 Nov 2019
I have install support packages for raspberry pi and not i have to install some support for USB webcam in raspberry pi. i wanted to access its terminal using putty but every time i tried this it give me error host not found. moreover when i access terminal as normal it gives pi@raspberrypi-kgbevaxd instead of pi@raspberrypi.. what should i do?


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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 17 Jul 2016
If you are trying to connect by name instead of by IP address then that will only work if the name exists in your hosts file, or in your name resolution system; such as if you registered the name in an "A" record with the Internic or other authorized domain registrar. As your raspberry is almost certainly operating on a private IP address rather than a public IP address, no domain registrar would allow you to register it.
You could create a local DHCP server with a fixed hostname for the Raspberry.
Or you could switch to using IP address instead of name to talk to it.


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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 18 Jul 2016
Ac Lgns
Ac Lgns on 24 May 2018
can i access the desktop of my rpi using putty and vnc when the OS installed was through matlab?? when i tried accessing it, it gave 'no command found'. thank you!
Francis Tiong
Francis Tiong on 30 Nov 2019
It works. I was using putty using the local IP address, user is 'pi', password is 'raspberry'.

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