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Difference between RTW and TargetLink

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Uttam Landage
Uttam Landage on 29 Dec 2016
Commented: Arun kumar Valusa on 28 Apr 2017
Somebody can explain difference between RTW and TargetLink ways of generating code
Thank you in advance!

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Santosh Gnanasekaran
Santosh Gnanasekaran on 25 Jan 2017
dSpace Targetlink makes the debugging easier than rtw
dSpace Targetlink Approach: Logging the signal values via 'Log Signal Histories' option in targetlink helps to capture the values at different time stamp and gives us the model and code values under a single GUI, which makes analysis and debugging of any complex system more easier and efficient.
rtw approach:: In case of any mismatch between model and code, breakpoints to be placed in the code and have to debug line by line , which is a time consuming process.
dSpace Targetlink has many customisation option which rtw may not have.
Readability of the code is much better in Targetlink than RTW
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Arun kumar  Valusa
Arun kumar Valusa on 28 Apr 2017
Target link mainly created for automotive industry .when it comes to generating code with target link and RTW , there is a diffrence between suite of both code generation tools . in target link it will convert it is own model formalism which is having like scaling and adapataion , In rtw there is no need to convert in formalism ,dimension ,verfication etc., editables in simulink,stateflow itself . In there is more scope to transformation and optimization in rtw of code compared Targetlink.Target link is not supported for airbourn system related to avionics software systems DO-178B guidelines but it is having good work flow with automotive software platform for different types of hardwares and it other domains like autosar.

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