Array function for ranges

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Azura Hashim
Azura Hashim on 7 Feb 2017
Edited: Jan on 15 Feb 2017
I have a binary image in a matrix, call it binarymage. I then want to determine whether various areas in the image are white pixels only. The boundaries for the areas of interest are defined in as follows:
left=[1]; right=[11]; top=[5,6,7,8]; bottom=[15,16,17,18];
So in this example I have 4 boxes. How can get a result that tells me which boxes are white only. Example: whiteboxes=[1,0,1,0].
I think I need arrayfun but have not been successful after several attempts. Appreciate any help please. Thank you.

Accepted Answer

Saurabh Gupta
Saurabh Gupta on 15 Feb 2017
You should be able to do it using a combination of not and any commands. One example could be as follows.
tempBox = binarymage(top(1):bottom(1), left(1):right(1));
whiteboxes(1) = not(any(tempBox(:)));

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Jan on 15 Feb 2017
Edited: Jan on 15 Feb 2017
A simple loop is a good point to start from:
left = 1;
right = 11;
top = [5,6,7,8];
bottom = [15,16,17,18];
whiteboxes = false(1, 4);
for k = 1:4
whiteboxes(k) = all(binarymage(left:right, top(k):bottom(k)));
What exactly is a "white" pixel? Does it have the value 1 or 0? Here I assume, that white mean 1. If 0 is meant, replace all() by ~any().


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