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Is digilent cable provided with xilinx fpga boardis sufficient or it is necsessary to purchase a Hs2 JTAG cable for FPGA in loop with simulink

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hello to Matlab community
For Fpga in loop simulation with Matlab , Is the USB to micro USB cable for USB - JTAG programming provide with Nexus video digilent board is sufficient or I need to purchase HS2 JATG cable from digilent.My FPGA has 6 Pin JTAG port but not xilinx 14 pin JTAG port and in hardware requirements published by Mathworks it written to use digilent download cable,if board has has 14 pin JTAG port should purchase HS2 JTAG cable,It is not mentioned with clarity so please provide information regarding this issue.
Even people using any kind xilinx board can share their experience, please please help me in this. thank you in advance

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