Undefined function or variable 'edison_wrapper_mex'

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I had tried to download a code and run using matlab. The coding has many functions. I have got the error
Undefined function or variable 'edison_wrapper_mex'.
Error in edison_wrapper (line 64) [fimage labels modes regSize grad conf] = edison_wrapper_mex(fim, rgbim, p);
The function edison_wrapper_mex is a .cpp file and have many files in this name (listed below)
I am new in knowing about linking C++ in matlab. Can somebody correct me where i am wrong actually? thanks in advance.
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Adam on 11 Apr 2017
Is this folder on your Matlab path? If not you need to add it and save your path for future sessions.

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Answers (2)

Felix on 6 Dec 2017
Have you solved this problem? I'm dealing with the same problem with you and there is no clue.

Srinivasa Rakesh
Srinivasa Rakesh on 9 May 2019
Same here. There is no instructions on how to solve this. Building the edison_wrapper_mex using mex is also not working and giving different errors in different windows systems (32 or 64 bit).


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