cell array elements comparision

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lucksBi on 13 Apr 2017
Commented: lucksBi on 13 Apr 2017
i hv cell array whose elements hv values like this:-
& many more rows like this
i want to check if a a{1,1} & a{1,2} both hv value 1 then put in a new array. if a{1,1 }has 1 & a{1,2} -1 then put in another array & similarly any other conditions like this. how can i solve this problem?Any help ll be greatly appreciated.

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Philip G
Philip G on 13 Apr 2017
Hey lucksBi again ;)
These are very basic operations you are asking - maybe consult the documentation for basic handling of cell arrays. For your specific question one way would be:
if a{1,1}==a{1,2} & a{1,1}==1
% put them in new array
elseif a{1,1}==a{1,2} & a{1,1}==-1
% put them in other array
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lucksBi on 13 Apr 2017
hey ;) Thanks for your answer.
actually i have near 2000 elements of cell array. Is there any way to do it without specifying each element separately?

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