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reshape, remove 16 elements, keep 1000*8, remove ..

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T on 25 Apr 2017
Answered: Guillaume on 25 Apr 2017
Can I solve this without a loop?/What is the fastest way? I have a long vector consisting of [16Elements 1000*8Elements 16Elements 1000*8Elements ...] With a total of N repetitions. The 16 Elements I want to remove. The remainder I would like to reshape into a matrix of size 1000xNx8 Thanks!

Answers (1)

Guillaume on 25 Apr 2017
reshape into 16+1000*8 x N matrix, get rid of the first 16 rows, then reshape again. Finally a permute if you want N to be the second dimension.
tocrop = reshape(yourvector, 16+1000*8, []);
out = permute(reshape(tocrop(17:end, :), 1000, 8, []), [1 3 2])


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