Function handle integration with several variable, matrix dimension error

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Hi! I am using function handles to integrate with several variables (note: I made the same program using symbolic integration, but it takes a really long time). However, I keep getting an error in matrix dimensions in the last line of my when I plug in R(1) and I really can't figure out what is wrong. Any tips would be greatly appreciated!
FUN_1 = @(y_1,y_2,x_1,x_2)sum(heaviside(y_1-1)).*dirac(1,y_2-1).*(-1/2*log((x_1-y_1).^2+(x_2-y_2).^2))+sum(dirac(y_1-1).*dirac(y_2-1));
Q_1 = @(x_1,x_2)integral2(@(y_1,y_2)FUN_1(y_1,y_2,x_1,x_2),1,2,1,2);
FUN_2 = @(y_1,y_2,x_1,x_2)sum(heaviside(y_1-1).*dirac(1,y_2-1))+sum(dirac(y_1-1).*dirac(y_2-1))*(-1/2*log((x_1-y_1).^2+(x_2-y_2).^2));
Q_2 = @(x_1,x_2)integral2(@(y_1,y_2)FUN_1(y_1,y_2,x_1,x_2),1,2,1,2);
S = @(x_1,x_2)Q_1(x_1,x_2)+Q_2(x_1,x_2);
R = @(x_2)integral(@(x_1)S(x_1,x_2),1,2);
b = R(1);

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 12 Jun 2017
integral() calls the function passing in a vector of values. So your S will be called with a vector x_1, so your Q_1 will be called with a vector x_1. Your Q_1 calls integral2, which is going to call FUN_1 with array y_1 and y_2 (the same size) and the vector x_1 (of different size). Your FUN_1 expects x_1 and y_1 to be compatible size for subtraction, but the two are not compatible.
You could use the 'ArrayValued' option of integral so that it only passes in a scalar for x_1, at a cost to efficiency. You should look more carefully at which operations can be vectorized. Sometimes it helps to use arrayfun() along the way.
Pro B
Pro B on 14 Jun 2017
Yes, after posting my question I quickly realized what was wrong with numeric integration for the dirac and heaviside functions. I was able to eventually finish the program, by performing the integrations involving the Dirac delta and Heaviside function by hand and putting the result of the integration directly into the program. Thank you very much for all your help!

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