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Export Mechanics Explorer Video

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vcmorini on 12 Jul 2017
Commented: vcmorini on 13 Jul 2017
In Simscape => Multibody, when Run the simulation, Mechanics Explorer is open, showing a Video.
I would like to know how to export this video. Is it possible to make a Stand Alone( executable .exe using Build) of my model, which exports this video?
Have you guys faced that problem already?
Thank You!!

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Sebastian Castro
Sebastian Castro on 12 Jul 2017
There should be an icon on the Mechanics Explorer that looks like a Film Roll, which points to the Video Creator. There is also a smwritevideo function.
- Sebastian
vcmorini on 13 Jul 2017
Hi Sebastian, sorry, I will be more specific.
I've a model which I used Multibody 2ºG.
After, I've build the model:
I would like to export the video generated by the Mechanics Explorer. Or, if not possible, I would like to know if there is a way around, like Simulink 3D animation.

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