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Talking to the program

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Rainaire Hansford
Rainaire Hansford on 24 Jan 2018
Answered: Image Analyst on 24 Jan 2018
Is there anyway possible to speak into a MATLAB program? Basically if I plug in my Mic and say hello or whatever, The computer/program will read or accept it and respond back depending on the code?
Right now I have this kind of code
textIn = 'Hello. Password please';
ha = actxserver('SAPI.SpVoice');
password=input('Please enter password ','s');
if strcmpi(password,'H')
textIn = 'Welcome Hansford';
ha = actxserver('SAPI.SpVoice');
I would like to replace the Password part with me speaking instead of typing. Also how can I change the voice?


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