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Some tips regarding image processing .

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Mohammad Sarhil
Mohammad Sarhil on 23 Jul 2018
Commented: Mohammad Sarhil on 6 Aug 2018
Hello, I have some concrete specimens and I want to detect the steel fibers after cutting with a saw using image processing.
I have never been worked on image processing and the problem that the color of the fibers us dark as some dark stones. Each image is nearly 200 Mbyte and contains hundreds of fibers.
Here are some examples.
Do you have any Tips please?
Thank you.
Guillaume on 23 Jul 2018
My opinion on this: it's going to be very difficult to create an algorithm that can reliably (no false positive, no false negative) detect the steel rods in your images. There's not enough difference between the rods an other impurites or other artefacts in the image.
The first thing you should be looking at is changing your image acquisition method to make the image processing easier. Perhaps you can change the lighting method so that the rods come out more contrasted. Maybe use structured lighting but I'm not sure it would help in your case.
Another option would be to use an infrared camera instead of a standard one. I believe the emissivity of concrete is much greater than steel (depending on the steel) so the two should look vastly different in an infrared image.
Mohammad Sarhil
Mohammad Sarhil on 6 Aug 2018
Thank you,
It seems to be impossible to process this images.

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