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MATLAB Drive email did not change after MathWorks account did

Asked by Cats_Schrodinger on 21 Jan 2019
Latest activity Commented on by Richard Alcock on 20 Mar 2019
Hello everyone!
My main problem is in the title. I changed my email address associated with my MathWorks account, and MATLAB logs in through my new email, but the Drive Connector and the Drive on the web still recognizes me through my last email.
I use my edu email to get access to MATLAB, and this changed a while ago. Right now, the Drive Connector cannot connect to my account. MATLAB works just fine with the new email.
Thanks in advance.

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Hi Cats,
Thanks for reporting this.
I'm aware of the issue affecting MATLAB Drive Connector and the development are working on an update that will address it.
However, I'm not aware of any issue that might affect your access to - can you give more details on the problem you are seeing there?

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