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Matching coordinates in Matlab

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SAMUEL AYINDE on 22 Jan 2019
Edited: SAMUEL AYINDE on 22 Jan 2019
Please find the attached matlab files: bigUphi.mat and wangphi.mat.
x_bigUphi = bigUphi(:,1);
y_bigUphi = bigUphi(:,2);
z_bigUphi = bigUphi(:,3);
phi_bigUphi = bigUphi(:,4);
x_wangphi = wangphi(:,1);
y_wangphi = wangphi(:,2);
z_wangphi = wangphi(:,3);
phi_wangphi = wangphi(:,4);
All the positions (x,y,z) in bigUphi are also in wangphi. But they do not follow the same order.
I want to create another column vector, phiuse. To do this, for each position (x_bigUphi, y_bigUphi, z_bigUphi) in bigUphi, I want to search for the same position (x_wangphi, y_wangphi, z_wangphi) in wangphi. Then I want to replace the phi_bigUphi of that position with phi_wangphi of that position.
I have tried the code below. It worked for 2D case (x,y), but it is not working for the 3D case (x,y,z). Please, help me.
phiuse = zeros(2583,1);
for i = 1:2583
phiuse(i,1) = phi_wangphi(and((and(abs(wangphi(:,1)-bigUphi(i,1))<1e-10,abs(wangphi(:,2)-bigUphi(i,2))<1e-10)),abs(wangphi(:,3)-bigUphi(i,3))<1e-10));
Jan on 22 Jan 2019
Edited: Jan on 22 Jan 2019
A simplification of the code:
phiuse = zeros(2583,1);
for i = 1:2583
dist = abs(wangphi - bigUphi(i, :)); % Auto-expand: >=R2016b
match = all(dist < 1e-10, 2);
phiuse(i) = phi_wangphi(match);
Is this wanted? Is it guaranteed, that there is one matching point in every case?
You state, that "it is not working". Please explain, what this means. It is easier to fix an error than to guess, what the error is.
Maybe 1e-10 is not sufficient?
Did you try ismembertol already?
SAMUEL AYINDE on 22 Jan 2019
Edited: SAMUEL AYINDE on 22 Jan 2019
Hi Jan,
Thank you so much for your reply.
I checked it properly. The discretization is different in each case. I guess that is the reason it did not work.
Thank you so much.

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