Importing Keras model to Matlab: LSTM layers is not yet supported.

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I have a .h5 file I want to upload to Matlab using the import tool for TensorFlow in matlab, like this:
layers = importKerasLayers('myModel.h5');
But I get the following error:
Option to import Keras networks containing LSTM layers is not yet supported.
Error in NN_model (line 2)
layers = importKerasLayers('myModel.h5');
I've tried this in 2018a, and apperantly all layers related to LSTM are available in this version after the toolbox is downloaded, but I keep getting the error.
Is there any workaround to solve this? What could be causing the error?

Answers (1)

Don Mathis
Don Mathis on 31 Jan 2019
Support for importing LSTM layers from Keras started in R2018b.




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