read digital pin pulses

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john white
john white on 24 Feb 2019
Commented: Asad Mirza on 25 Feb 2019
how could I read digital pin pulses from arduino in matlab?
I mean by writing readDigitalPin(a,'D4')
it shows just 0 or 1
but I want to read pulses from this pin which connected with the phase of increamental encoder

Answers (1)

Asad Mirza
Asad Mirza on 24 Feb 2019
Digital pins only return values of 0 or 1. If you want to read voltage information from an incremental encoder it would have to be connected to an analog in pin and then you would have to use readVoltage.
Asad Mirza
Asad Mirza on 25 Feb 2019
Yeah, as far as I know MATLAB can't natively change the interrupt pins.

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