SundialsTB coupling with Matlab

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mary on 10 Mar 2019
Commented: Wang Hong on 21 Mar 2020
Dear experts in ODEs,
I try to couple the sundials toolbox with Matlab by following the installation guide of sundials. The installation goes fine but when I launch my case where CVODE is being used, I have the following error :
Undefined function or variable 'cvm'.
Error in CVodeInit (line 42)
status = cvm(mode, fct, lmm, nls, t0, y0, options);
I am wondering what went wrong ? The sundials installation ?
Is there any other manners to couple sundials toolbox with matlab ? Is there any tutorial from Matlab community on that topic ?
I can say that I tried to find whatever linking Matlab to sunidalsTB, but I should say that they are very few discussions about that and the errors were mentionned on sunidals forum and no answers were given.
Is someone here installed the sundialsTB and managed to make it run ?
I am using the version 2.3.0 and 2.4.0 and I have problems with both of them.
Kind regards,
Wang Hong
Wang Hong on 21 Mar 2020
Add the fold of cvm into the matlab‘s default path. But still another obtacle is waiting for us if we want to use it to solve ODEs

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