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How to assign a RAM Memory to MATLAB Programing Running performance ?

Asked by voxey on 11 Mar 2019
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on 12 Mar 2019
How to assign More a RAM Memory to MATLAB Programing Running performance ?


Matlab requests memory from the operating system on demand. There is no need to "assign" RAM. So please explain exactly, which problem you have.
i have 32Gb RAM, with i7 processor, even when i use 3D image processing , MATLAB automatically closed , so this issue based on out of memory, so how to assign system RAM mamory around 80% to MATLAB Running performanc?
@selva: Please explain the details: Which command is causing the crash? Do you get an error message? "Matlab automatically closed" does not allow to identify the problem. While there is no mechanism to "assign more memory", this is not even meaningful. If Matlab needs a certain amount of memory, it will request it from the operating system. There is simply no need to "assign" the memory in advance. If you really have any evidence that the problem is caused by memory (and you did not mention a reason to believe this yet), installing more RAM will help - and closing other applications. Usually Matlab shows an error message, if it cannot get the required memory.
It is more likely, that the problem is a programming mistake as e.g. rand(1e6), instead of rand(1,1e6). So please post the relevant part of the code.

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