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Circle interpolation (calculate the values inside)

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Good evening,
I have a few more theoretical questions. Do you have any tips on how to calculate values inside a circle? I have a values, but these values are in vector:
values = 1:100;
I would like to place this value around the perimeter of the circle, then calculate the center of gravity. And then he calculated the points inside the circle as a perimeter value against the center of gravity value. The goal is to fill all the points in the ring, is that possible?
Or can you give me tips on some books or solutions?

Accepted Answer

Rik on 15 Mar 2019
If you want to fill a circular area with a particular color, you can use this code:
center=[10,20];%xy coordinates of the center
figure(1),clf(1)%create a new figure (or bring focus to an old one and clear it)
daspect([1 1 1])%make data scale rectangular

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