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Do something only, when variable is same for 2 second

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Hello guys,
how can I write a code (cycle) something like "when value is same for 2 second, do something else"? Example below, Im changing variable "a".
a = 1;
"if a = a (for more then 2 second, then ..)"
b = a;
Best regards
Adam on 25 Apr 2019
Edited: Adam on 25 Apr 2019
It sounds like an odd thing to want to do. In your example the
b = a;
line will happen almost instantaneously after
a = 1;
and if you have more complex code it would be dependent on the run time of that code. I can't think of a situation where that would be useful. You can use
doc tic;
doc toc;
for timing things, but I would suggest that the reason for wanting this behaviour in the first place should be questioned ahead of trying to find a way to achieve it. Code based on how long a certain variable happens to have remained unchanged is going to be very brittle and unreliable in general.
martin martin
martin martin on 25 Apr 2019
Thanks man, I solved it with "if" and "pause"
t1 = round(get(handles.slider1,'value'));
if t1 == round(get(handles.slider1,'value'))

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