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Faster way to draw bounding box around object in an image?

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Louise Wilson
Louise Wilson on 16 May 2019
Commented: KSSV on 16 May 2019
Hi everyone,
I am new to Matlab and this is my first attempt at image processing. I want to count the number of boats in a large collection of images like this:
The code I used to draw this box is quite simple:
hold on
rectangle('Position', [960, 490, 125, 40],... %right, top, width, height
I did this by trial and error, changing the numbers until I got the box in the right spot. I need to do this with a lot of images and then I plan eventually to use google vision to analyse my photos... is there a faster way, maybe using an interface, to select where the box goes? Prior to giving me the bounding box vertices?
Also, right now I have the pixel vertices but how would I get the vertices from 0-1?
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KSSV on 16 May 2019
If you are talking about drawing rectangles manually; read about imrect.

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