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Pulling out a number and a date + time from text file after specific lines

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Hello all,
I have the following two lines in my text file:
Time of Interval 0: 03/03/18 18:14:02
Interval: 0.02 sec
First off, how can I pull out the number after "Interval:" ?
Secondly, how can I do the same for the date and time after "Time of Interval 0:" ?
The number and the date vary from file to file, but the text preceding them is always the same. I need a solution that works in every situation.
Thanks in advance!

Accepted Answer

Bob Thompson
Bob Thompson on 27 Jun 2019
The most reliable way that I know of to get this is by using fgetl.
file = fopen('mytextfile.txt'); % Access the file
line = fgetl(file); % Read first line
c = 1; % Record the line number for debugging purposes
while ~isnumeric(line) & ~strcmp(line(1:16),'Time of Interval') % Check for desired line, or end of file
line = fgetl(file); % Read next line
c = c + 1; % Advance line count
parts = strsplit(line,': ');
number = str2num(parts{1}(18:end));
dt = datetime(parts{2});
There may be some thing syou need to tweak to make it personalized to your inputs, but that should work.
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Heidi Mäkitalo
Heidi Mäkitalo on 2 Jul 2019
For some reason Matlab complained about matrix dimensions being exceeded when I tried to use your code, don't know what that was about. This is how I ended up doing it:
Zero interval
function zinterval = FindZeroInterval(file)
opened_file = fopen(file,'rt');
zinterval = '';
while ~strncmpi(zinterval,'Time of Interval 0',18)
zinterval = fgetl(opened_file);
zinterval = datetime(zinterval(20:end), 'InputFormat','MM/dd/yy HH:mm:ss');
which gives
zinterval =
03-Mar-2018 18:14:02
and interval
function interval = FindInterval(file)
opened_file = fopen(file,'rt');
interval = '';
while ~strncmpi(interval,'Interval:',8)
interval = fgetl(opened_file);
interval = str2double(regexp(interval,'\d+[\.]?\d*','match','once'));
which gives
interval =
So basically I looked after your answer but changed some things around. Thanks a lot for your help!

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