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3D plot gives empty figure

Asked by farzad on 3 Jul 2019
Latest activity Commented on by farzad on 3 Jul 2019
Hi all
I have 4 matrices of 4x4 size. I do
for n=1:size(P1,1)
hold on
hold on
hold on
hold on
but I get empty figure !!
Also , how can I parameterize the figure name, like if I have an str variable : filename and I need to save the figure as filename.fig ?
also I needed to call this code from another m file , writing the name like
did not call the m file to run


on 3 Jul 2019
If you are going to plot scalar points with plot3 you likely need to play around with MarkerType and MarkerSize, or whatever the properties are called, as detailed in
doc plot3
If you aren't intending to plot scalars you are doing something wrong with your plot instructions
farzad on 3 Jul 2019
Well I have scalars, but I think since they are few points I can't see them. When my matrices are so big I see the blue line of the plot clearly.
How do I use marker size then?
farzad on 3 Jul 2019
Or better if I could connect them with a line?

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