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Find the intersection of two surfaces.

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Tianshu Yu
Tianshu Yu on 4 Jul 2019
Edited: Tianshu Yu on 5 Jul 2019
Now I have two surfaces. Both of them are extracted from 2 solid 3D objects which are generated by trangular mesh. (Note it's a triangular mesh not the rectangular one.) Now I want to find the intersection between the two object? If that cannot be down, then a simpler question: can I know if they intersect? (Not see from a graph, but use an algorithm to automatic determine if the two surface intersect). The data of the two shape is stored in samp_2.mat and tip_2.mat. In the two file, the data is stored in a respective matrix, where each row corresponds to the coordinate of a node on the object.


darova on 4 Jul 2019
Can you attach your data? Did you try contour()?
Tianshu Yu
Tianshu Yu on 5 Jul 2019
contour() is a plotting tool, I want an algorithm that can automatic determine if the two shape is intersecting with each other or not. For the data, I have attatched it.

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Bruno Luong
Bruno Luong on 4 Jul 2019
The mesh intersection is reduced to basic triangle-triangle intersection. There are few good pointers here:
The problem is not difficult to solve, just it requires a lot of basic linear algebra implementation.
Doing it fast is more challenging.


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