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apply equations to all of the dicom images in a file

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Hi there
I made a code to calculate a parameter in heart out from a set of images (scan). Each scan contians 16 frames. I have 100 of these scans. I have to creat a manual region of interest (roi) for each scan . I would like the code to read each dicome scan in the file, allow me to draw roi and then apply my equation to each scan seperatly. I also want to view the final results. Briefly, i would like MATLAB to apply function to multiple scans.
I am sorry if my question is selly, i am new to MATLAB. Below is my code
imvol = dicomread(squeeze('LAO-Ga003_DS.dcm'));
% create binary masks for each image
imshow(sum(imvol,3),[]) %display image
maskim=roipoly; % drow the mask to be multiplied by the image (or synchrony results).
for ii=1:128
for j=1:128

Accepted Answer

awezmm on 25 Jul 2019
You can have a for loop that reads in each image and the runs the code you want.

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