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Convert pixel values to tones of sound

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Hi there
I have a project where I should convert pixel values to sound tones in a greyscale set of images (arranged in order). I know that I should assign a tone to each grey level. I have a 128x128x16 uint8 array. I need to play the sound and listen to the assigned tones in a continuous loop. Let's suppose that my image set is called PxTone, and I have my 256 tones of different frequencies ready and named from A1 ... to A256 tones, where A1 represents no tone A256 is the assigned for the brightest pixel, (which should be representing the highest frequency tone and assigned to the brightest pixels ).I want the code to allow each image to be represented in one second in which all tones are played simoutanously, so that I finish with 16 sec sound clip.
Can any one help me in this regard ?.
Best, Ahmad

Accepted Answer

Shashwat Bajpai
Shashwat Bajpai on 7 Aug 2019
There is a function available in the file exchange to convert an image to a sound developed by someone in the community and can help solve your purpose. You can find this function on the following link:
Hope this helps!

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