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Warning "The DCAM driver timed out while acquiring a frame" on XP SP3

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Our imaging matlab application (Matlab 2006b) with CMU 1394 driver 6.3.0 is working well in another machine of XP SP2 where we downgraded Microsoft 1394 card driver to SP1.
But when we installed the same matlab, application, camera into another machine with XP SP3 where Microsoft 1394 card driver was downgraded to SP1, the application didn't work. Most of trigger-related imaq command such as get(PIKE_OBJ,'FramesAvailable'), preview, or getdata does not do anything with following warning
The DCAM driver timed out while acquiring a frame Incoming triggers may not be detected while the driver is reset.
We cannot upgrade matlab at this point. But I would like to know if this can resolved by simply upgrading Matlab version. Could you give us any suggestion to resolve this problem?

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