Understanding "Cell contents reference from a non-cell array object." error

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i try to convert table mnew to array. Below is my code. Please help me to understand. I also tried tabletoarray(has error too) n tabletocell not suitable to my needs.
for iii = 1 : k %k=4
for jj = 1 : noofcol-1 %11-1
val2 = mnew{iii,jj};
if (ischar(val2))
val2 = str2double(val2);
M_M(iii,jj) = val2;
MMM = reshape(M_M,k,noofcol-1)
however there is an error
"Cell contents reference from a non-cell array object.
val2 = mnew{iii,jj};
James Tursa
James Tursa on 18 Nov 2019
So. the curly braces { } are for use with indexing into cell arrays, and mnew is not a cell array, hence the error.

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