Concatenating Images multiple times in a Loop

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Fareed Jamali
Fareed Jamali on 8 Dec 2019
Commented: Fareed Jamali on 8 Dec 2019
Hey everyone,
I have a text file in which I have 1000 lines. Every line has a four characters, I also have a folder (named Alphabets) which has all the characters in it (0-9, A-Z, and a-z). What I want is to read text file first four characters (single line) and then go to Alphabet folder, pick those four characters concatenate them and save them in a particular directory. I also want to resize image back to 140x60 pixels. This is what I want to do for complete text file so that by the end I have 1000 images stored in a specific directory. What I coded is a lot of if else conditions and I realize that my code is not efficient so I thought of asking help from experts. Thank you very much!
Fareed Jamali
Fareed Jamali
Fareed Jamali on 8 Dec 2019
I have attached text file and here is the sample image that has been generated by concatenating four characters, then manually resized to 140x60 pixels.

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