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How to test your IFTTT service to see you receive data via URL on ThingSpeak channel?

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I have created IFTTT Webhook to send mail notication, via React App and ThingHTTP and configured them as per this email below. But now on the last React App, configured using Microsoft Office 365, using my mail on IFTTT i cant seem to get any notification and yet i am suppose to see some. Should i not, please help me to understand this better.

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Vinod on 19 Dec 2019
Edited: Vinod on 19 Dec 2019
You can now send emails from ThingSpeak in a much simpler way. Steps below:
1) Go to your ThingSpeak profile and click on the "Generate New API key" button next to "Alerts API Key"
2) In the "Apps" tab, click on "MATLAB Analysis" and create a new MATLAB Analysis with this code:
alert_body = 'This is the text that will be emailed';
alert_subject = 'This will be the subject of the email';
alert_api_key = 'YOUR_API_KEY_FROM_STEP_1';
alert_url= "";
jsonmessage = sprintf(['{"subject": "%s", "body": "%s"}'], alert_subject,alert_body);
options = weboptions("HeaderFields", {'Thingspeak-Alerts-API-Key', alert_api_key; 'Content-Type','application/json'});
result = webwrite(alert_url, jsonmessage, options);
3) If you hit the "Save and Run" button, you will now get an email.
Now, if you want to tie this to an event on your channel, you can create a React tied to your channel that will run this code. You can get fancy in your MATLAB code and read the last value in your channel using the thingSpeakRead function and use that to compose your alert too, or only send the alert if a certain condition happens. Any complex condition is possible!
If you want to convert this to an SMS, you can create a rule in your email service to forward the email as an SMS to your phone number.
Note that you are limited to 800 alerts per year. You can see how much capacity you have remaining on your account page under the "Alerts usage" box.
Vinod on 6 Jan 2020
From our records we did send an email to your m***** email address. Can you check your spam or junk mail folders for the alert?
Mthunzi Booi
Mthunzi Booi on 7 Jan 2020
Let me have a look at it, must the email alert should come to my domain account? No wonder, if so which means its working right.

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