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Why its not possible to view visualization on your channel when being shared?

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Hi Team
I am using channel "private" and want to share my visualization of data to someone-else. He or she does not receive it or view it on the side. What could be the reason for this? I would like some details explaination to this issue. Reason being, we looking of sending all our channels to a client including visualization. But we notice we only view these on our side not them, irrespective we could change it to public.

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Vinod on 24 Jan 2020
You can share a channel privately with someone knowing their email address. Please see the documentation. Note that the user will have to log in to ThingSpeak with that specific email address for them to see the private view of the channel. The privately shared channel views are under "Channels > Channels shared with me" menu item which only shows up if you have channels whose private views are shared with you.
Alternatively, you may make the channel public so everyone can see the channel. Note that the public and private views of a channel are different, allowing you to set up different views depending on whether the viewer is seeing the public or the private view of the channel.
Mthunzi Booi
Mthunzi Booi on 27 Jan 2020
Hi Vinod
The issue we facing, when the channel is on private mode, we cant see the visualization analysis created by the account holder. Only can see the overview of the channel with fields, How possible it is to see Visualization? That is a challenge to us, even if we changed to public we still unable to see it as Analytics. Please advice us as to how to get around this process easier?
Vinod on 27 Jan 2020
Edited: Vinod on 27 Jan 2020
Go to the MATLAB visualization you want to make available to your collaborators, expand the Add/Edit view on a channel and select the private view of the channel you want to add this to and click the Save Display Settings button. Now your collaborator with whom the channel is shared should be able to see the visualization.

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