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How to get Current tenperature?

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Rainaire Hansford
Rainaire Hansford on 18 Mar 2020
Commented: Rainaire Hansford on 15 Apr 2020
So i found this code and modified it a bit to show all tempertures in the day.
function weathertest2
readChannelID = 12397;
temperatureFieldID = 4;
readAPIKey = '';
[tempF,timeStamp] = thingSpeakRead(readChannelID,'Fields',temperatureFieldID,'numDays',1,'ReadKey',readAPIKey);
[maxTempF,maxTempIndex] = max(tempF);
[minTempF,minTempIndex] = min(tempF);
timeMaxTemp = timeStamp(maxTempIndex);
timeMinTemp = timeStamp(minTempIndex);
display(maxTempF,'Maximum temperature for the past 24 hours is');
display(minTempF,'Minimum temperature for the past 24 hours is');
display(timeMaxTemp,'Max time stamp');
display(timeMinTemp,'Min time stamp');
But I want this code to be able to tell me the current temperture now (or the minute I asked) is there a way to show that?
Thank you


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darova on 18 Mar 2020
Use interp1
t0 = input('Enter time:\n');
if min(timeStamp)<t0 && t0<max(timeStamp)
temp0 = interp1(tempF,timeStamp,t0);
disp('temperature is')
disp('Wrong time')


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Rainaire Hansford
Rainaire Hansford on 15 Apr 2020
you have to = input(......
How should I write the time? I tried 05:24:00 or format like it but it keeps coming up with error.
"Undefined function or variable 'timeStamp'."
darova on 15 Apr 2020
Try string format
s = input('enter the time','s');
num = datenum(s);
Rainaire Hansford
Rainaire Hansford on 15 Apr 2020
Yeah that not working either. At the same time im not sure what num is for?

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