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Indexing from equivalent rows in two matrices

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Hi all,
I am extract data from a structure based on a rule from one field, and another rule in the corresponding row of a second field. For that I have the following code:
for k= 1:size(MouseData, 2) % for each entry in the structure
for n= 1:numel(Behaviours1) %for each value in this cell in this array
% Create an index with the following rules:
% 1. If BehaviourType (first field), matches the value in the cell array
% 2. If the value in the 4th column of the second field (in the corresponding row), matches the value "NovMouse"
idx = find (strcmp(MouseData(k).BehaviourType, Behaviours1(n)) & ((MouseData(k).BehaviourData(:,4) == NovMouse))); % make an idx (index) where the behaviour type == behaviour (logical array of 0/1)
% Take that data (and so on......)
temp = MouseData(k).BehaviourType(idx);
NovMouseData(k).BehaviourType = vertcat(NovMouseData(k).BehaviourType, temp);
temp1 = MouseData(k).BehaviourData(idx, :);
NovMouseData(k).BehaviourData = vertcat(NovMouseData(k).BehaviourData, temp1);
I think I am going wrong in the line beginning with "idx", I don't think the code knows that I am asking it to find the corresponding rows. I know that I could create an if statement for this, but I worry that the code might take a long time to run if I do this?

Answers (1)

Raunak Gupta
Raunak Gupta on 28 May 2020
One improvement I see in the code is you can remove
for n= 1:numel(Behaviours1)
Because strcmp also works when comparing a string with a cell array containing multiple strings. Here since the structures are stored in vector format you may not be able to remove outermost for loop and you are using k downwards so outermost for loop is required. I am assuming that Behaviours1 is a cell array containing strings and MouseData(k).BehaviourType is also a cell array because temp is calculated with some index idx. Rest all look ok to me.

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