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C file not instrumented for coverage, bad expr node kind

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I am using the legacy_code tool to generate some S Functions, then I want the S Functions to be under analysis by the simulink coverage toolbox.
I am setting to true the flag to use coverage:
def.Options.supportCoverage = true;
But I get the following error:
"lib_control.c", line 254: error: bad expr node kind (b:\matlab\polyspace\src\shared\cxx_front_end_kernel\edg\src\cp_gen_be.c, line 14084)
Warning: File "lib_control.c" not instrumented for coverage because of previous error
> In codeinstrum.internal.LCInstrumenter/instrumentAllFiles
In codeinstrum.internal.SFcnInstrumenter/instrument
In slcovmexImpl
In slcovmex (line 48)
In legacycode.LCT/compile
In legacycode.LCT.legacyCodeImpl
In legacy_code (line 101)
In generate_sfun (line 70)
In the C code I have the following kind of functions:
void controller( int n_var,
double my_input,
double my_output )
double my_var[n_var];
for ( int i=0; i<n_var; i++ )
my_output = my_input + my_var[i];
The compiler is complaining about this line:
double my_var[n_var];
Do I have to do something to declare variables like this, so they can be included in the coverage analysis?

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