Read and process data of a .csv file

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CS on 12 Jun 2020
Commented: Rik on 21 Jun 2020
I have a big .csv file, including numbers and text. I want to read the data of this .csv file using MATLAB and analyze the data. Sounds like the available commands for reading the .csv files does not work well when the file has text besides numbers.
The file is attached. These are the point clouds provided by a laser from the top of a surface. The rows are Y coordinates while the columns show X values. The numbers show the Z height according to each (X,Y) values.
Can anyone help with how to upload the data to MATLAB for furtur processing? I want to have the X,Y, and Z data in my workspace.
Any help is appreciated!
Rik on 21 Jun 2020
Comment posted as answer by CS:
Sorry, I forgot to attach the .csv file. Here it is.

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