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Bahareh on 16 Apr 2011
I have a distribution with a 1x2 mean vector and a 2x2 covariance matrix. I would like to display the distribution using contour(). Can you please help me?

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Teja Muppirala
Teja Muppirala on 16 Apr 2011
Say your mean is m, and your covariance is S.
m = [1 2];
S = [2 1; 1 10];
The easy way: If you have the statistics toolbox, there is a function called "gmdistribution"
G = gmdistribution(m,S)
F = @(x,y) pdf(G,[x y])
The hard way: Find the equation for a multivariate normal distribution on Wikipedia:
It's at the top right hand side, and type that long expression into MATLAB:
F = @(x,y) (1/2*pi) * (1/sqrt(det(S))) * exp(-0.5* ...
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Bahareh on 16 Apr 2011
Thanks a lot.

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