[Simulink] Play and record audio simultaneusly

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I'm trying to design a model that can play and record sound simultaneously, something like the audioPlayerRecorder object. Is it possible to do it in Simulink?
I have a full-duplex sound card, I have verified that it works with audioPlayerRecorder, but in the blocks I can only put 'Audio Device Writer' and 'Audio Device Reader' separately and does not work, plays for a few milliseconds and then only receives.
Any idea how to do it in Simulink?
Note: I'm a newbie with Simulink, sorry if the question is simple.

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Carlos Sanchis
Carlos Sanchis on 15 Jul 2020
After looking at the model with Professor Requena, we've concluded the issue was the sample time of the noise source, which was set to a few seconds. With a sample time of 0.0001 seconds, this works well.
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José M. Requena Plens
José M. Requena Plens on 15 Jul 2020
That's right. The solution was simple, but I didn't see it. Thank you very much!

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