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Missing days in Time Table when calculating means

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Eric Escoto
Eric Escoto on 29 Sep 2020
Closed: MATLAB Answer Bot on 20 Aug 2021
I have a rainfall dataset that produces data only when it rains. Meaning there are breaks in the daily data values. No zeros in days that are missing.
I'm trying to calculate means and notice that my TT doesnt have the full range of the month.
How can I populate the timetable to include these days with zero values so I can compute means?
The datatable is attached.

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Star Strider
Star Strider on 30 Sep 2020
It appears to be correct when I look at at it, with complete day series and zeros in the second column, apparently for the missing days, and non-zero entries for the others.
In any event, if you have a data set with missing days, the way to fill them (with ‘TT’ being your original timetable) is:
TTr = retime(TT, 'daily', 'fillwithconstant','Constant',0);
This also creates a second timetable ‘TTr’ so the initial one is preserved.

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