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Can we save the table as delimited txt in a proper manner?

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I am using the following command.
writetable(T,'myData.txt','Delimiter',' ')
However, the table doesn't get stored as nicely as it appears in the MATLAB workspace. I also used '/t' as one of the delimiters, still, the outcome is the same.
The columns look squeezed in compared to the table headers. Importantly. my headers are big as well (~20 characters). Is there no way out that I can save the table as it is in the .txt form? Can I use file()?
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Adam Danz
Adam Danz on 16 Nov 2020
The file created by writetable is computer-readable and does not necessarily produce a format that's easy on human eyes. If you write the table to an excel file it will be easier to view.

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