having legend title and enlarging legend marker size at the same time

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Initially I had a legend as like this
As you can see, the size of the legend marker is much smaller than the size of the scatter marker. However, the legend has a title. I used below code for this:
lgd.Title.String = 'Recoating Velocity (%)';
lgd.Title.FontSize = 30;
Then, in order to increase the marker size in the legend, I used the icons as below:
[lgd,icons,plots,legend_text] = legend('25','50','75','100', 'Location', 'Northwest')
for k = 5:8
icons(k).Children.MarkerSize = 20;
lgd.Title.String = 'Recoating Velocity (%)';
lgd.Title.FontSize = 30;
And the result looks like this:
Although the marker size increased, but the legend title is not applied. Why is that? How to fix it?

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