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Can I run mex functions (containing no CUDA code) using arrayfun

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I am trying to run dictionary learning codes from SPAMS toolbox using arrayfun on my GPU for faster computations. However, even after installing MATLAB 2013a the following error is displayed:
*Error using gpuArray/arrayfun
Only function handles bound to MATLAB files containing function definitions are supported.*

Answers (1)

Jill Reese
Jill Reese on 24 Apr 2013
You cannot run a Mex function using gpuArray/arrayfun. In fact, this is specified in the help for gpuArray/arrayfun:
FUN must be a handle to a function that is written in the MATLAB
language (i.e., not a built-in function or a mex function).
I am a little bit confused by what you are trying to do. Does the SPAMS toolbox provide GPU support that you are trying to access in your Mex file? I do not know anything about that product, but a quick web search did not reveal any indication that the SPAMS software was intended to run on a GPU.


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