making figure from matrix?

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nines on 18 Feb 2021
Commented: Jan on 18 Feb 2021
i am trying to plot three different figures for three subjects. E.g. I want to plot one graph looking at the caudate for subject 1, then one caudate graph for subject 2 and have there be seperate graphs spit out. I tried below, but it isn't working:
subj = {'subj01' 'subj02' 'subj03'}
for k = 1:3
tac(:,k) = load(fullfile(D,subj{k},'tacs','km.hb.tac.dat.txt'));
tac_caudate(:,k) = load(fullfile(D,subj{k},'tacs','caudate.txt'));
tac_putamen(:,k) = load(fullfile(D,subj{k},'tacs','putamen.txt'));
tac_pallidum(:,k) = load(fullfile(D,subj{k'},'tacs','pallidum.txt'));
tac_ref(:,k) = load(fullfile(D,subj{k},'tacs','km.ref.tac.dat.txt'))
%% detrend ventricle and cortex
d_tac_ts_2 = (tac) %detrended time series of pet
d_tac_ref_ts_2 = (tac_ref) %reference
d_tac_caudate_ts_2 = (tac_caudate)
d_tac_putamen_ts_2 = (tac_putamen)
d_tac_pallidum_ts_2 = (tac_pallidum)
%% plotting in graphs
for subj{k}
plot(t_pet, d_tac_ts_2(:,k))
plot(t_pet, d_tac_ref_2(:,k))
Also, I want to have a figure where I each each subject's caudate, putamen, pallidum, etc. How would I go about doing this??
Thanks for the help!
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Jan on 18 Feb 2021
Please explain "it isn't working" with any details.
"have a figure where I each each subject's caudate, putamen, pallidum, etc." - this is not clear to me yet.

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