Create a line graph for categorical data array?

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I am trying to create a chart with mulitple lines on it to represent each of my data columns. The variables in the columns correspond to the terms in RNA strands- U,G,A,C ; I have having trouble creating the chart with the correct x and y axis because I want the four variables on the y axis and position number on the x axis. So far I have imported my data from an xlsx file and organized it to the proper size array. The position numbers are from 1-99 in the first column and correspond each strand. How do I create a script that will allow me to set the axis as the variables I want instead of having numerial ones?

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Star Strider on 13 Mar 2021
See the documentation section on XTickLabel and YTickLabel depending on the one you want to change.
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Star Strider on 13 Mar 2021
I though that you had the plot constructed and you wanted to replace the numerical values with the base designations.
See the documentation section on categorical variables, and Core Functions Supporting Categorical Arrays among shich is plot.
That’s the best I can do with the information I have.

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