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Extra space in saved figure before subscripts or superscripts

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I have plot axis labels that use subscripts and/or superscripts. The figures look exactly as they should when I plot them in Matlab. When I save them, I get an extra space before the subscript or superscript. WHY???? I've done this lots of times and never had this problem.
I've attached an example. The code for the example label is:
ylabel('PSD [m^2/s]','fontsize',14)
I've also tried putting {} around the 2, but it doesn't change anything. I can add latex as the interpreter, but then the font changes and I want the default font.
UPDATE: I just noticed that there's more space before or after any latex text. I used a \times in another label and there's more space before it, but some subscripts have a little space after them. I'm not sure if there's a pattern to this.
Robert U
Robert U on 12 Apr 2021
Hi Daniel,
I cannot reproduce the described issue, using your example.
fh = figure;
ah = axes;
xlabel(ah,'here is super^{script} to see')
ylabel(ah,'here is sub_{script} to see')
Kind regards,
Daniel on 12 Apr 2021
Thanks for trying again. I don't know what to say. Only difference I can see is that I don't typically save my figures or axes as variables and refer to them within other commands, but I can't see why that would matter. I'll play around with it a bit more to see if I can pinpoint anything, but for now I'm stumped.

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Answers (2)

Enrico Camporeale
Enrico Camporeale on 12 May 2021
Try changing the intepreter to latex and put the symbol with super/subscripts within $$
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Daniel on 12 May 2021
I mentioned above that the problem is "solved" with Latex as the interpreter, but then the font changes and there is no Latex font that matches the default font and I want the default font.

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Andrea Bonfanti
Andrea Bonfanti on 30 Jul 2021
Edited: Andrea Bonfanti on 30 Jul 2021
Dear Daniel,
I'm using Octave 4.2.2 for Linux and have faced the same issue, but apparently just from time to time, hence the difficulty to understand the reason.
Now I've found the bug: If you want to add subscripts/superscripts to a given word (say w_s), then every word before w_s must have a subscript/superscript as well to avoid the extra blank in w_s. Looking at your example, a workaround to fix the issue is:
ylabel('PSD_{} [m^2/s]','fontsize',14)
where you create a fictitious subscript to PSD.
Hope this helps,
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Daniel on 30 Jul 2021
Here are my results. I don't think this fixed it. If anything, I think I see more space after "here" and "is" because of the added "_{}" on each. Glad it works in Octave. In the end, I just fixed them all in Inkscape.
On screen:

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